The Million Mile High Club

The Million mile high club was designed to be an exclusive lounge for backers who purchased the Wing Commander or Completionist packages. Using the concept art, I designed the paper map and then grey blocked it into CryEngine. I added all the gameplay elements as well (Fishtanks, jukebox, player spawning)

Additional info on how it was created can be found here

Grim HEX

Grim HEX is a pirate base carved into an asteroid. I was one of the designers on this map helping with the overall layout from top down to greyblocking. There was also quite a lot of scripting on this map since players will only spawn here when they have a criminal record


ArcCorp was the first planet that we worked on. I did some greyblocking using the lead designer’s layout, added player spawners and designed several shops from paper map to 3D.